Parents and athletes MUST complete and submit online, or print, sign and return to coaches, the following

1.    The yearly physical and Medical History Form (hardcopy)

2.    The Extracurricular Code of Conduct (ECC) (hardcopy)

3.    RankOneSport Online Forms (online)

4.    Drug Testing Consent Form (online)

You will find all of these under the District’s Website: 

"Chain of Command" for Concerns

Coach Coleman

M. Drinkwater, Asst. Athletic Director

Hank Carter, Athletic Director

Gordon Butler, LTHS Principal

Dr. Lancaster, LTISD Superintendent
We need to identify one or two people who want to take the information provided by folks who sell sponsorships, and use it to place the orders for the Sponsor Signs.  These would be for the golf tournament and for the field fences and the like.  We have the vendor identified.  If you are willing, please contact me as

The Home Coming Float Committee is in need of help most urgently!  Thank you Amy Parks for signing up.  Duties will include insuring we have a truck and trailer available and that the girls are organized around a theme and decorations.  Amy will need help! The parade is only a couple of weeks away.  Please help!!
The Brittany Tuck Tournament Committee is complete with these four members: Leilani Connors; Nicki Hanrahan; Paule Jameson; Amy Ruiz
The Publicity Committee will utilize Twitter, Facebook and other social networking platforms to keep our public up to date on what is happening in LT Softball.  It will also manage the LadyCavsSoftball website through updates on happenings, photos, events, etc.  So far we have Kevin Iverson and Lisa Gibbons (Thank you) signed up.  We could likely use a couple more folks.  If you can help, please respond.  

The Concession Stand Committee is established with Shannon Watson, Amy Ruiz and Nicki Hanrahan.  These ladies will work to determine inventory needs, coordinate purchases of supplies and will manage the volunteer(ed) list of concession workers.  Each girl's family will have a small handful of shifts during the year.  Thank you ladies.  

The Fundraising Committee will focus on maximizing our sponsorship fundraising by targeting "large" partners in the Lake Travis Area.  This committee
will also support programmed fundraisers such as the LT Softball Golf Tournament.  Signed up so far, we have Katie Iverson and Paula Jameson.  The Golf Tournament Fundraiser is led by Joe Connors and Mark Miller.  If you can help with either of these, please speak up.

Before/Before & After/After 
Before/Before begins on Monay, August 19 at 6:30 am.  Players will do weights and running with the coaches from     6:30 am - 7:30 am.  If a player misses this workout, they will do the weights/running during the softball period and will not be on the softball field doing skill work.

After/After will begin at 4:10 pm - 5:10 pm and will be run by the upper classman.  Coaches are not allowed to coach or be on the field during this time due to UIL rules but they will be present in the press box. 


Booster Club Forms

Fall Ball Information

Fundraising Information

Golf Tournament Information & Sign Up

Committee Information & Sign Up